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Super-Frequently Asked Questions (Things that ARE NOT bugs)

    I'm missing 6 Levels!

  • No, you didn't, you paid them to get your Reaper Sword.
    I can't confirm my email!

  • 1. Make sure is whitelisted, so it doesn't get counted as spam. 2. Wait a couple minutes for that email. 3. When you are confirming, make sure you get your capitalization correct, and do not start or end with spaces or tabs. 4. Last Case Scenario, go make a GMail / Hotmail account, and repeat the previous steps.


    Menus aren't displaying correctly / I get put on Training Missions no matter what!

  • You need to have Javascript on and have a supported browser. Try IE or Firefox.
    How do I report a bug?

  • Tell us what showed up, what page it happened on (be specific!) and what you did right before it. Also send us a message when you notice that the bug is fixed.
    The page crashed / won't load!

  • Just log in again. Don't use the back and forward buttons, you'll get penalized.
    How do I change my name / my Village's name?

  • You can't.

Characters / Stamina

    How do I delete a character?

  • Leave your Village, Clear your Sparring List, and stop logging in as them. It'll get deleted in 30 days..
    What gets me banned?

  • Doing anything that compromises the game in general, and makes it less fun for others (other than, say, raiding their village and crushing their hopes and dreams :)). Here's some specifics: Having more than two characters from one IP that are in the same village. Having more than three characters from the same IP for any reason. Exploiting an 'Unlimited' Stamina / Ryo bug and not reporting it. Attempting to break into another character's account. Sending lewd messages. Attempting to get around cursing filters. You know, generally being one of THOSE people on the Internet.
    How many characters can I have?

  • Three is pretty much the limit per IP - although, the same IP can't go on Resource / Patrol more than once a day, so putting all those characters in the same village won't help that much. Also, the game has pretty significant 'mule' detection, so if you just have a character to work all day and dump the Ryo in a Village for some other character, we'll find it, and delete every character from that IP without warning. If you have multiple characters, keep them out of the same Village.
    But I have forty identical brothers and we all share the computer and want to be in the same village!

  • Yeah, right. Yes, we know that four, five players may use the same PC in RARE circumstances - just keep each of the different characters in different villages, not helping each other, and it will be fine. If you have two characters in a village, you will be watched for signs of collusion. We have plenty of practice from AnimeVersus in catching this sort of stuff, so don't try it. If you simply must have the same players in the same Villages, play from a different computer, please.
    I want a custom picture!

  • Become at least Chunin and go to the shopping menu.
    I try to upload my picture, but the page is blank!

  • That means the image you have is corrupt, too large, or has a weird palette. Make sure it is a correctly-sized, regular-old jpeg.
    I try to upload my picture, but the picture is the same one!

  • Your browser has cached the image. We got the new one, you just aren't seeing it. Your best bet is to resize the image yourself, so you know what it will look like. To fix this, you'll have to 'clear your cache', and then log in and try again. Check the help menus in your browser on how to do that.
    I want more stamina!

  • You get more stamina per day for having a higher Ninja Rank, certain Village upgrades, and permanent items. Hunt around for hidden bonuses!
    How do I get a headband?

  • It is a Village Upgrade (Hitaiate Maker), and costs 5000 Village Ryo.
    My Headband didn't change!

  • It did change, but your browser is caching the old one. Go hard-reload (Ctrl-F5) your main menu!
    My signature isn't updated!

  • It updates at night, AFTER you've played most of your stamina the day before.
    I got a Bad Password Notice!

  • Assuming you didn't just type in a bad password, you need to let each page load fully before going to the next. If you move on before the code fully loads, it won't recognize you.
    I lost my password / lent my account to someone who changed my password, and I can't get it back!

  • If you can't remember your password, use the 'Lost Password' feature on the front page. If you didn't put in an email, or gave your account to someone who changed the info, you are out of luck.
    Can I pay money to get a special bonus?

  • BvS will always be totally free, with NO bonuses (that you can't get in another way) given to those with money. Everyone's on an even field. Now, there are Perks you can buy (coming soon), but they are all single-player buffs only - nothing can buff you that will let you attack another player, or get Top Three in your rank, or anything like that. The Stamina buffs that you can buy cannot be used to attack villages, kaiju, or hardbingo other players - and using them makes you ineligible for Top Three status that day. The Billy Club, while offering a small stamina / AP boost, nifty wallpapers, and a roundtable with 11 to talk about the game, doesn't drastically affect the game in any way - and BC members are what help keep this ever-expanding game afloat. Thanks, folks.
    I'm totally going to hide the referral link in something, and trick people into clicking on it!

  • No you aren't. You use the link to show people the game, not to just trick them into stamina. Don't make us ban you. Make sure the link to the game is obviously a link to Billy.
    I'm not getting my Refer Bonus!

  • If your friend playing from a different IP than you all the time? Are they confirmed email-wise? Are they actually playing, or just botting? Any of these will keep you from getting your bonus.
    When does the new day start?

  • Sometime randomly between 5AM and 6AM CST, to keep people from flooding it right when the day changes (not that that can help you in any way).
    I'm still Bingo'd!

  • You don't 'automatically' Unbingo - you have to be logged in and go to your Main or Village page to become UnBingo'd.
    Aren't you going to reply to my Bug Report / Suggestion?

  • We get hundreds of them a day, so no promises. Even if you say 'please reply' or 'i expect a reply', that won't make a difference. We'll reply if we like your suggestion, or if we think you found a real bug. If you are just asking some question that is obviously in the Rules or the FAQ, don't expect a reply.
    That Jonin's level is too low!

  • There's a way to lose levels in the game. They must have made their Ninja Rank then used it.
    I did the same thing twice!

  • STOP HITTING REFRESH AND/OR DOUBLE-CLICKING. Doing so does what you just did, again. If your internet burps, and the page doesn't go through, re-log in.

XP / Jutsu / Allies / Teams / Items / Chakra

    'The Power of Greass' didn't work on a Mission!

  • Greass finds Items ONLY. Not allies.
    I got extra Ryo / Stamina / XP / FP on a Mission!

  • Some missions have special bonuses. These are NOT 'Items' or 'Ninja', so bonuses that help get them can't find them.
    My Monochrome Pheromone / Thrill of Victory Jutsu didn't work!

  • You need to be in missions that offer an Ally / Level Up chance to take advantage of these abilities.
    I can't find an Ally that some other website says I can get!

  • Other websites are often wrong. Double check with them, it could be a rare (general-only mission, you may need to be a certain season or rank, or what have you. Because some site says something doesn't mean you should bug report it.
    - Shammy, Ro, and Bo Levelups require Special Jonin.
    - Nadeshiko happens the day AFTER you meet the criteria.
    - Yes, we know you lost Shorty. There's another way to get Petals.
    I won two items from the Crane, and one isn't showing!

  • You didn't win that, it just was telling you that there was a second prize in the crane that you can now win.
    I can't learn a Jutsu from my Ally / village Trainer!

  • Certain Jutsus don't show up until you are a particular ninja rank or level.
    Some Ninja have zero Jutsu to learn!

  • Some Jutsu require a certain level, some require a certain bloodline. You might not have either.
    How do I remove Jutsu from my list?

  • Go to the Jutsu Organization menu, off of the Jutsu Buying page.
    When do my Teams help?

  • Teams help during Missions, Special Missions, Monster Attacks, and Bingo Attempts. They do not help during Spying, Attacking, Sparring, or in the Ninja World War.
    How exactly does WhiteEye work?

  • Random pickups in the game are determined by secretly choosing a percentage - for example, a Kunai in one mission may be a 50% chance of pickup. a round number is chosen from 1 to 100%, and if it meets or is less than the chance, you get that item/ninja. Most bonuses to the chance to pick things up add to the pickup chance - a +20% bonus means that kunai would be a 60% chance (50 plus 20% of that 50, or '10%').

    WhiteEye works differently - it DOUBLES the chance, after all other bonuses. So, for a 50% chance item, it'd be 100% - an autoget. For things that are 1-2% chance, it doesn't help that much - BUT, it doubles all other bonuses. So, say you had a 1% chance pickup item, and a 20% chance bonus. You'd have a 21% chance to pick that up, but if you used WhiteEye as well, it'd be 42%. Most pickups in the game are between 30 and 60 % chances (super rare items aside), so a WhiteEye use is almost an auto pickup. This INCLUDES things like "you find a refreshing spring, +50 stamina!", so WhiteEye has the added bonus of getting you a lot more stamina as well.
    I lost an Ally on a Special Mission!

  • That can happen. Don't worry, though, you'll either get them back, or somoene cooler, when you beat the mission - and anything you need from them you can find in another way.
    Where did my friend points go?

  • When you hang out with a ninja, it resets their friend points to zero, since they want to go hang out with other people too. Just get more by partying with them or putting them in your party!
    One of my allies can Drift Race! How?

  • Drift Racing is an upcoming upgrade - the allies were the first things to be added. Right now, you can't, but stay tuned.
    I want to buy a Jutsu my friend has, by my ally doesn't have it!

  • Certain Jutsu only unlock when you are at a certain Ninja Rank - if you've looped or are just looking at another player, you might not have the ability yet.
    I lost Shorty! How do I get Silver Petals?

  • She isn't the only one who drops them.
    My WhiteEye didn't go off, and I got an Ally!

  • If your chances to get something are over 100%, WhiteEye won't activate, since you are getting it anyway.
    Do Permanent Items stack?

  • No. Having three Ninja Dogs doesn't help you statswise any more than having one. In addition, items with varios 'types' (Scythes, Pistols, etc) only give the bonus of the best one you have, even if you have multiple types.
    Hey, this Jutsu should be half cost, since I am hanging out!

  • Jutsu are half cost only in normal missions, not special missions or bingos.
    My Daily XP is higher than the XP I got today!

  • Many things give you a 'Daily XP Bonus', which helps you get bonuses to all sorts of things (for having a high daily XP). Partying, Spying, Attacking, Patrolling, many things give a Daily XP Bonus. Check around!
    My Ninja / Jutsu / Mission type costs me stamina, and I don't have enough, but it still lets me use them!

  • Jutsu that cost stamina to use and other things like that aren't taken until AFTER your mission, so if you only have a few Stamina left, you can still use them, with no ill effects. Go out with a bang!
    How exactly do XP/AP percentage bonuses work?

  • They multiply. So, if you have a +10% from one source, and a +20% from another source, they go 100%*1.1*1.2=132%. They also only work during Missions.
    Why didn't I get an Item on this mission?

  • Some Items are hard to get, and even Epic Dog-type Jutsu can't find them every time. In addition, Village Contracts are given as Events - they are not 'Items'.
    My Chakra is over its maximum amount!

  • Some things can do this, it is okay.
    How exactly does Coup De Grace work?

  • When they turn in their contribution at the end of the day, it goes to your village instead. If they have no contribution (like they aren't in a Village), then you get nothing.
    I have Floating On Air, why is that Special Mission there?

  • So you can get Running Man again.
    500K Ranking in a day? That's impossible!

  • One look at the top players in S2 should tell you otherwise. There's allies that give you bonuses, Jutsu, Themes, as well as Potions, Village Upgrades, and even a certain Permanent Item that, when you get it, refills your Stamina, and that works once a day. If you still can't handle it, look around for Hint Guides for BvS on the Internet.
    Waaaah, 500K XP!

  • Sigh, fine. Timmy 2. Annie 2. Pinky 2 or Stalkergirl 2. B-Ranks. Sparring Bonus. 7 Day Bonus. Silver Elixir. Party House. Obsessive Insight. Hairpin Pieces. If you really can't do it, look for BvS Wikis or hint guides.
    I'm not ranked / there aren't enough ranking players!

  • You need the following ranking to be considered for the Top Players list:
    80K for the S1 Full List.
    10K for Genin.
    20K for Chunin.
    50K for Sp. Jonin.
    150K for Jonin / Sannin.
    300K for the S2 List.
    I appraised a Rare item, and got a crappy common!

  • 'Rare' means you have a higher chance of getting something awesome - but that doesn't always happen.

Missions / Challenges

    How exactly does Strength/Range work?

  • Here's a specific example: As a Genin, when you attempt Taijutsu, Your Taijustu attempt can have the following outcomes, each equally likely:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
    If you had +1 Range, you could get the following:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
       (Note that now there are 11 choices)
    If you have +1 Strength, you could get the following:
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.
       (Note that you anything higher than 10 is reduced to 10, but everything, even the last 10, is 1 higher than normal)
    Finally, if you have +1 Strength and +1 Range, you could get:
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11.

    My Item said it gave me a Nin bonus, but I'm on a Gen mission!

  • Items that give a bonus to one type of AP always show their bonus, whether or not it is used.
    How do bonuses to Drops / Ally Drops work?

  • If an Ally gives, for example, a 50% bonus to finding a Drop, that increases the original chance by 50% of that chance. so if something has a 10% chance of dropping, it would now be 15% (NOT 60%).
    That difficulty is too high!

  • In the beginning, you can't get higher than a 10. Special Jonin gets you up to a 12 in one stat, Jonin in all of them. Items, Jutsu, and Ninja Allies also help with that, though.
    Hey, I can't answer one of these puzzles!

  • Think about them harder. We are certain they are correct. ESPECIALLY the explosive tag + case one. -_- 500 and 10 are NOT the prices of the Tag and the Case, because 500 is 490 more than 10, not 500 more. Try harder.


    What is Looping?

  • Once one of your attributes gets to a certain level (18 to start), your 'Season' is ending. You may then 'Start a New Season' in Special Missions, which will allow you to 're-roll' your character, keeping a number of special items and gaining new abilities called 'Themes'. If you don't loop, and continue to level, you'll be given a timer after you pass a certain threshhold. If you don't do this within 14 days, you'll start to lose daily stamina, and the ability to help out your village. It is totally worth Looping, so get to it! Note: you can usually Loop a few levels before your Loop Timer starts. It's up to you to decide if you want to Loop early, or stick around for a bit.
    My Consecutive Days Counter is crazy!

  • Your Bonus counter resets to 2 days in, and already completed for the day.
    My Counterfeit Permit didn't Loop!

  • You look different, so it doesn't work, so it doesn't Loop.
    Hey, I'm not in my Loop Timer anymore! why am I still penalized?

  • If an item or situation lowers your stats to pull you from your Loop cap, you are still considered 'Capped', but the cap will not keep counting down. So, if you are going to hunt down certain items / situations that would hold off Looping, do so before your cap starts.

Villages / IPs

    Hey, I am suddenly a non-playing inactive Ninja!

  • You can't just log in, collect, patrol, and log out. If you don't play the actual game, after a while, you'll be marked as idle. Play through all your missions for the day, and you'll be fine.
    My Village Disappeared!

  • If your village has nothing but idle Ninja for 14 days, there's a chance you'll lose it.
    I can't see certain Village Upgrades to buy for my village!

  • You can only see Upgrades that are close to your Village size. If you are only Size 10, for example, you won't be able to see the most powerful upgrades.
    I am not getting my Village Bonuses!

  • Your Village Leader may have removed your permissions to access upgrades (the Jonin Test is given by an upgrade, so that matters).
    I can't give certain Items to the Village!

  • Certain rare permanent items and things you can only win in the Raffle aren't tradeable. Permanent Items can only be given if you have more than one of them.

  • Patrolling works like this - if you Patrol on any given day, it helps your village ALL NEXT day. So, attack right at the day roll ISN'T HELPING. Stop it. As attacking is the most server-consuming thing we have here, and there is NO benefit to doing it right when the day goes, we may disable it between 1AM and 3AM if people can't take the hint.
    How long are Bingos active?

  • Bingos without modifications last for 36 hours, give or take 2 hours (to keep people from 'Bingo-locking' you).
    How hard is it to Spy on a Village?

  • The smaller they are, the more difficult it is. For villages under ten Ninja, the base difficulty is 15!
    Some Upgrades aren't listed!

  • Your Village is too small. Get bigger to see more.
    I can bribe the Party Wheel guy to skip Common items, but I still got one!

  • Did you have enough money to bribe him? Was there a ninja in your party that bumped the wheel?
    Why remodel?

  • If your village used to be huge, now you have to deal with that hugeness when it comes to getting spied on, patrolling, minimum tax rates, all-level collection ability, and so on. Remodeling fixes that.
    My village didn't get its Resources / Ryo!

  • Those things aren't given until a random time up to 12 hours after dayroll, to keep people from jumping you right when the day rolls to get your new resources and Ryo. Wait a couple hours.
    I don't want to join the War!

  • We know that getting to the higher levels requires people to join into the Ninja World War, and some people might not want that. However, the worst that can happen to you (before you get Advanced Resources) is you can lose a maximum of 10 Stamina a day from being raided. Since a Noodle Shop (+10 Stamina per day) is inexpensive, that more than cancels it out, so you've got nothing to worry about.
    How do I get other resources?

  • You only make one type of Basic Resource, and one Advanced. Get the others from invading other villages.
    How can I get Ninja to join my Village?

  • Poeple who join the game through your link will get into your village if you 'allow random Genin', that's the best way. Also, have a well-thought out application blurb, a cool headband, and get your friend into the game, and you'll have no problem!
    I helped my Village Collect / Patrol, where's my bonus?

  • Your Bonus isn't actual XP, it is only to help you in the daily rankings, like it says on the message it gives you.
    I can't Patrol, it says my IP conflicts!

  • The game checks not only your IP, but the ones you've played at recently as well. Don't think you can get away with just logging in at a different PC to patrol in your alt's village - it checks your 'regular' IP, too.
    I'm not from the same IP as them!

  • Chances are you probably were. The game keeps track of your IP over the past few days, so if you "play at a friend's house" or "both just happen to have the same random IP generated by your service provider", you'll show up as the same IP for a couple days. Note how those are in quotes - that is because 99% of the complaints we get are people trying to fake out the system and failing. Don't try it.
    Someone in my Village stole stuffs from our storehouse!

  • Then either stop giving out permissions, or empty the storehouse of things you don't want players you don't trust stealing. If you let someone take it, and they do, it is theirs, and you have no say, no matter how much you want to punish 'deadbeats', in what they do with it.
    I want more Village members!

  • There are a lot of villages out there. Get your friends into the game from outside of BvS, so that you become more attractive to incoming players.
    My Village didn't get its Resources / Ryo!

  • The game will not give out resources / Ryo to a Village whose members do not play the game. If no one in your village plays their day, you won't get anything.
    I falied a Special Mission, and it isn't there anymore! What gives?

  • You might not have the requirements to start it again. If you have the requirements to start a Special Mission, you can start it then sit on it for a few days. If later, though, you don't have the requirements (say it requires a Village Upgrade you lose, or you sell the item that starts it), it won't show again. Be careful!
    Someone's Level is wrong in my Bingo list / Rank is wrong in the Village list!

  • The list is made at Dayroll, players may have leveled / looped in that time.
    What does NRF mean?

  • 'Natural Resource Facility'. It is a Village Upgrade that takes your Village to the next level of the game.
    Special Mission *insert name here* isn't opening, and some else said it would!

  • People are often wrong. Make SURE you should be able to open a mission before you bug report it. Talk to other people.
    Do Permanent Items or Allies affect Attacking and Spying?

  • Items do, Allies don't.
    I can't find that Mission!

  • Maybe it is a Rare Mission, and you aren't choosing General Missions. Maybe you don't have the Rank for it. Maybe you can't get that level of mission unless you have a certain item (Especially in the case of Limited Missions - if you are Jonin, but aren't getting any A-Rank missions, maybe this is the problem).
    I can't collect or patrol! It says I have to do missions first!

  • Yes it does. Ninjas are required to do a minimum number of regular missions to be allowed to collect/patrol. If you've been idle a few days, you'll have to do a couple missions before you help out your village.
    My Village isn't that size!

  • If you are talking about not being able to buy an upgrade, or Solidarity not working, or anything like that, note that your Max Village Size is based on the largest you have ever been, and the size used is based on the 'worst' of current and max size. Remodel if you want to fix that.
    My Special Item isn't doing the damage to the Kaiju Monster that it says!

  • Yes it is. It just isn't shown in your Successes. Look at the Monster's HP.
    The Kaiju didn't Damage me!

  • If you bring a Kaiju down to 1 HP, it no longer fights back, but instead requires a Village Leader to finish it off.
    How does Sabotage work?

  • Here's the whole thing.
    - Leaders can buy an upgrade that lets them Sabotage.
    - Leaders can Sabotage when they Invade (not Raid, Invade - one you have prepared to hit) another Village.
    - You cannot Sabotage a Village with a +1 or greater Peace Bonus.
    - It costs 50,000 Ryo + 1 of the basic resource your village produces to Sabotage. this can be done once a day per village. The Leader picks an upgrade in the defending village to hit.
    - If the attack fails, the cost is lost.
    - If the attack succeeds, you get what you normally get, plus you do between 30,000 and 50,000 points of Green Damage, + 20,000 Points for each other Sabotage the offending Village has been hit with today.
    - Green Damage becomes Yellow Damage at Dayroll.
    - Yellow Damage becomes Red Damage at Dayroll.
    - If an upgrade has Red damage equal to or greater than its HP (which is based on its cost - things dropped by monsters have 1 Million HP) for one full day, it is destroyed.
    - Red damage gets 25% worse per day if the Upgrade doesn't get destroyed.
    - Repairing Upgrades costs Villager Actions (like Patrolling and Collecting, but instead, 'Repairing') and/or Village Ryo.
    - Each Action done by a Villager 'banks' Repair Ryo based on their Rank. This costs neither the Villager nor the Village Ryo. If Bingo'd, you cannot Repair.
    - You can only bank as much Repair Ryo as there is damage. If you don't have less Repair Ryo than Damage, you can't Repair.
    - Anyone can Bank Repair Ryo.
    - Anyone with Village Upgrade Permissions can enter the Repairing Menu.
    - The Damaged Upgrades are listed at the top. You can spend Banked Repair and Village Ryo to fix them (Banked Repair first).
    - An Upgrade's Green Damage must be repaired before its Yellow, and so on.

    - EXAMPLE: Village A has Example Upgrade, which has 100,000 HP. On Day 1, it is attacked twice, once for 45,000 Damage, once for 40,000.
    Before dayroll (it is Day 1), the damage is 85,000/0/0.
    After dayroll (now it is Day 2), the damage will be 0/85,000/0.
    Then they are attacked again, for 40,000. Current Damage: 40,000/85,000/0.
    After dayroll (now it is Day 3), the damage will be 0/40,000/85,000.
    Then they are attacked again, for 45,000. Current Damage: 45,000/40,000/85,000.
    After dayroll (now it is Day 4), the damage will be 0/45,000/125,000. A warning is issued - if that Red Damage of 55,000 isn't repaired to below 100,000, the upgrade will be lost at dayroll. The Yellow Damage of 45,000 doesn't matter.
    They repair 5,000 Ryo of damage. Current Damage: 0/0/120,000.
    After Dayroll, the Upgrade is lost.


    Hey, my Dark Hour battle did/didn't count!

  • If the Dark Hour ends before the match does, it doesn't count. Also, if the Hour rises before your battle ends, it'll be Monochrome.
    I can't find a Mono battle! My moon will wane!

  • Fight three battles where your moon is possibly at risk (you have a moon, and you could gain a better moon by fighting - so, not 'Full Moon', but yes, 'Full Moon Waning'), and you won't wane. Fight ten, and you'll go up a level (but not to Full, you have to earn that)
    My Full Moon waned!

  • Full Moon Waxing cannot take moons, be lost, or be sated.


    I agreed to some Rules when I joined the Arena. What were they?

  • I will actually read the rules on how to play at the bottom of the next screen. If I bug report the Arena, I will use the 'Arena' pulldown selection, as opposed to the regular 'Bug Report' choice.

    I realize that if I think I am going to lose a match badly, I will play out the match, rather than just quit like a little cry-baby. If I *do* quit while I'm losing, I understand that I will be heavily penalized, and I won't complain about it.

    I understand that I will turn off all torrents and other such nonsense while sparring, so I can't complain about lag. I will also have Javascript enabled, and will not bugreport the Arena if I don't have it enabled, since any bugs are my fault at that point.

    I understand that I will never have two of my alts, let alone two people from the same IP, in the arena at the same time.

    I understand that if I try to hack / cheat the arena system, I will be banned from BvS. 'Cheating' very much consists of 'making an alt character that consistently loses to another of my main characters', and other such nonsense.
    I agreed to some Rules when I joined the Chat. What were they?

  • "First, no profanity, sexy-talk, spamming, ALLCAPSTALK, or flaming. None of that 'LOLOLOL WUT WUT WUT' crap here. Don't even try to get around any filters that are in place - that's just as bad."

    "Second, no begging. That means no 'lol plz join my village', 'can your alt come to my village', 'looking 4 sparring partner', 'gimme items', 'gimme ur AIM so we can sexytalk elsewhere', anything like that."

    "Third, no asking for passwords, personal information, and no talking about exploits."

    "Fourth, no spoilers. No talking about anything in any anime that might be a 'surprise' to someone who hasn't seen that far. Some people only watch what is out in the US, and don't take kindly to pirates."

    "Fifth, English only. Our mods can't check what they can't see."

    "Finally, if a mod (the orange stripe under their name) tells you to stop something, stop it. The mods are normally invisible - if one of them turns on their mod powers, you are a few seconds away from a ban. When we ban, we ban you from the game, too, so don't think you'll get off easy."