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Raftel Village
-The Village Hidden in the New World -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: TMNKobold
Number of Ninja: 49
Akatsuki, Alreza, Alviaz, andrew3, Aokiji, Apok, Armagedion, Blue, charchar, ChillerNWA, Dairuga, Deftblade, Dynamix, EmpactWB, HakumeiJin, Hyde, Jecht, Jorsin, K9Chick, Kaizoku, KazeNR, Laurea, LordGeek, Madben, mcbiggejj, mikasucks, Mingy, Mizuuekage, Mr Reaper, Mr Tombolo, Nodocs, Olbaid, PandaWafle, Peacq, Requiem 07, Roxxas, Satumi, seth1989, Shisui213, Shuriken, SilveryFox, SkySkimmer, Smee, The Freak, Vaeryth, Valinor, Wimp Lo, Zsadist
Number of Upgrades: 175
War Status: Days Peaceful: 717
Recruitment Status: Not Recruiting

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